Roll Call

Free calls for everyone in the world!

Free Audio Calls From Your Browser

With modern web technologies we should be able to make free audio calls to everyone in the world. Roll Call allows you do this simply and quickly straight from your web browser.

Join The Party And Chat With The World

To get started, click on the Join The Party 🎉 button and you’ll be connected to a global chat room. Chat with other people across the world.

Create Your Own Private Room

Want some privacy to chat to family and friends? That’s easily done by clicking on the Create New Room 🚪 button to create your own private chat room.

Invite Your Friends

Once you’re in a chat room you’ll want to chat with other people. Just click on the Share button and you’ll be given a unique URL for your chat room. Share it with your friends and they’ll instantly be taken to your room and you can chat. Invite multiple people for more fun!

Volume and Mute

Once you’ve created your room and found your friends, you can start chatting. Alter the volume by adjusting the slider underneath your audio window. You can click on the microphone icon to mute your audio if you don’t want others to hear you. Click on the unmute icon to resume chatting.


Click on the settings icon to change your username or select your input device.

Record Your Chats

Doing an interview for your podcast? You can just hit the record button and save the whole conversation to a file. Once you’re finished, hit the stop button and you can download a zip file containing your audio.

Share Audio

Need to share an audio file with your friends? Just drag the audio file into your chat room and it’ll appear. Click on the play button and it’ll start playing. It’s that simple!